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Common Car Problems and Solutions


The following is a list of some of the most common car problems with links to articles on how to diagnose and repair such problems.
Click on the topic for more information about how to diagnose and repair these car problems:

Engine & Driveability Problems:

Check Engine Light On

Troubleshoot Check Engine Light

Got a Trouble Code?

Most Common Trouble Codes (and their causes)

Engine Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Oil Warning Light On

Engine Temperature Warning Light On

Engine Overheating

Coolant Leak

Car Won't Start (Possible Causes & Quick Checks)

Key Fob Won't Start Car

Troubleshoot Anti-Theft System

Engine Won't Crank or Start

Engine Won't Start, No Fuel (Bad Fuel Pump?)

Fuel Contamination: What To Do If You Put The WRONG Fuel In Your Car

Gas Cap Loose?

Engine Won't Start, No Spark

Engine Idles Rough or Misfires

Engine Idle Surge

Engine Vacuum Leak

Engine Stalls

Engine Hesitates or Stumbles When Accelerating

Engine Pings or Knocks When Accelerating or Lugging

Poor Fuel Economy

Engine Noise

Smoke In Exhaust

Failed Emissions Test

OBD Monitor Not Ready

Warning Lights On

Battery, Charging & Electrical Problems:

Battery Keeps Running Down

Battery Testing

Starting & Charging System Troubleshooting

Charging System Checks (alternator testing)

Starting & Charging System Service

Electrical & Wiring Problems

Key Fob Remote Won't Unlock Door

Bad Wiring Connections (How to Check)

Blown Fuse

Headlight Problems

Power Windows Won't Work

Electronic Instrument Cluster Problems

Fuel Gauge Problems

Anti-Theft System Problem or Light Flashing

Cruise Control Problems

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Automotive Air Conditioning Problems:

Air Conditioner Not Working

A/C Not Blowing Cold Air

A/C Systems Needs Refrigerant

Automatic Climate Control System Not Working

Heater Not Working

Brake Problems:

ABS Warning Light On

Brake Warning Light On

Brakes Noisy

Brake Pedal Is Low

Brake Pedal Feels Soft & spongy

Brakes Pulsate or Vibrate When Braking

Brakes Pull To One Side When Braking

Brake Failure: No Brakes

Power Brakes Not Working

Steering Problems:

Steering Pulls To One Side, Car Does Not Steer Straight

Steering Feels Loose

Power Steering Feels Stiff, Takes Extra Effort To Turn

Tire & Suspension Problems:

Flat Tire

TPMS Warning Light On

Tires Wearing Rapidly or Unevenly

Tire Vibration

Car Rides Rough, Bouncy, Bottoms Out On Bumps

Wheel Bearing Noise

Transmission Problems:

Automatic Transmission Slipping

Automatic Transmission Problems

Clutch Problem (Manual Transmission)

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