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OEM Automotive Service Information Websites


U.S. EPA rules require vehicle manufacturers to make their OBD II service information and specifications available to ANYONE online for a "reasonable fee" (see chart below). This information is necessary to diagnose and repair emissions and driveability-related problems.

The service information that is available via the vehicle manufacturer websites below typically includes all the information, diagnostic charts and service procedures you would find in an OEM shop manual. In fact, many vehicle manufacturers have discontinued publishing paper shop manuals and only offer their information online or in digital format.

The following information was provided by the National Automotive Service Task Force.

Updated: January 2021

Vehicle Manufacturer Service Information Websites:

The following are links direct to the various vehicle manufacturer technical service websites.






General Motors(Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Geo/GMC/Hummer/Oldsmobile/Pontiac/Saturn)







Land Rover












OEM Website Access Charges

(Prices subject to change without notice)

Company Short Term Access (daily fee) Month Year/Other
Acura  10.00 (72 hr) 50.00 350.00
Audi 35.00 (72 hr) 225.00 1100.00
BMW 30.00 (24 hr) 300.00 2500.00
Chrysler[1] 35.00 (24 hr) 200.00 1800.00
Ford[2] 21.95 (72 hr) 299.95 2499.95
GM[3] 20.00 (72 hr) or $55 programming 150.00 45.00 (5 days)
Honda 10.00 (72 hr) 50.00 350.00
Hyundai 20 (72 hr) 55.00 J-2534 programming 60 300
Infiniti[4]  19.99 (24 hr) 299.98 2499.98
Isuzu 20.00 (24 hr) 150.00 1650.00
Jaguar  23.00 (24 hr) 205.00 1200.00
Kia 19.00 (72 hrs) 150.00 1500.00
Land Rover 23.00 (24 hr) 205.00 1200.00
Lexus[5] 15.00 (48 hr) 50.00 350.00
Mazda  19.95 (24 hr)
199.00 (30 day)
900.00 (6 mo)
1500.00 (yr)
Mercedes Benz 18.00 (24 hr) 300.00 2500.00
Mini 30.00 (24 hr) 300.00 2500.00
Mitsubishi 19.95 (24 hr)
99.95 (7 days)
249.95 999.95 (6 mo.)
1499.95 (yr)
Nissan[6] 19.99 (24 hr) 299.98 2499.98
Porsche 110.00/document   5200.00
Subaru 34.95 (72 hr) 299.95 2499.95
Suzuki[7] 25.00 (24 hr)   300.00 (6 mo.)
575.00 (yr)
Toyota [8] 15.00 (48 hr) 75.00 400.00
Tesla 106.25 (24 hr) 371.88 3187.50
Volkswagen 35.00 (24 hr) 225.00 1100.00
Volvo[9] 40.50 (72 hr) 322.50 3225.00

NOTE: Prices subject to change. See the OEM website for the latest prices.

Includes Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Jeep, and Plymouth vehicles. Includes Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. Ford offers other access options at lower prices for single vehicle/single model year, single vehicle/multiple model years, TSBs (1988+) only, Vehicle Specific Information only, Diagnostics only, Vehicle Programming only, and individual Technical Training courses (over 50 to choose from). See Ford website for details. Includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Geo, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn vehicles. Free view of Owners Manuals and Navigation System Manuals for 1996+ vehicles and TSB summaries for 1990+ vehicles. Both Lexus and Toyota information can be accessed for one charge.

Here is another great resource for factory service information for your vehicle:

eAutoRepair - Online Auto Repair Manuals - Mitchell 1 DIY

Online Auto Repair Information for the Do-it-Yourselfer

OEM Website Daily Access Fees for Service Information Too High?

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