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Automotive Tools & Equipment Resources

The tool suppliers listed below are among the top automotive hand tool, automotive specialty tool, auto repair tool and service equipment suppliers. This resource page makes it easy to shop and compare tool features, prices and availability.


Updated: Decembewr 5, 2018

AATEC (New & used equipment)

Accu-Turn (Brake lathes, wheel balancers, tire changers)

Actron Mfg. (Scan tools & code readers)

Alba Diagnostics (Brake fluid testers)

Allstates of America (Used Eqpt for sale)

Autel (scan tools)

AutoBoss (scan tools)

Autodiagnos, Inc. (Diagnostic eqpt.)

Autologic (Diagnostic eqpt.)

Automotive Electronic Services (Lab scopes & scanners)

Automotive (All kinds of tools)

Baum Tools (Diagnostic eqpt. & specialty tools for European cars)

Bosch Diagnostics (Scan tools & Wheel Service eqpt.)

Bridge Analyzers Inc (Exhaust analyzers)

CarleySoftware (Quick Reference Guide Software for Diagnosis & Repair)

scantool companion ad

CarGuy Garage (cabinets, storage, workbenches & more) (All kinds of tools)

Chicago Pneumatic (impact wrenches and air ratchets)

Christie Automotive (Battery chargers & test equipment)

Cornwell Tools (All kinds of tools)

Eastwood Company (All kinds of handy tools & supplies)

Electronic Specialties Inc. (Professional handheld test equipment)

EMS Emission Systems (Exhaust gas analyzers)

Equus Products (Scan tools & code readers)

Ferret Instruments (Diagnostic eqpt.)

Fluke Corp. (Scopes & hand-held diagnostic eqpt.)

Hickok Tools (Diagnostic eqpt.)

Hunter Engineering Company (alignment & tire eqpt.)

Innova (Scan tools & code readers)

K-Line Industries (Engine service eqpt. & tools)

Launch Tech USA (scan tools)

Lemur Monitors (Blue Driver OBD Scantool App)

Liquid-Levers (Brake bleeders)

Lisle Tools (Specialty hand tools)

MAC Tools (Professional hand tools & diagnostic eqpt.)

Matco Automotive Tools & Storage (Professional hand tools & diagnostic eqpt. & tool boxes)

Midtronics (Battery/starting/charging system test eqpt.)

MIG welders (Eastwood)

Milwaukee Tool (cordless and corded power tools)

Mile-X Automotive Equipment & More (tool & equipment distributor)

Motorvac Eqpt. (Engine & cooling system service eqpt.)

NEXIQ Technologies (Diagnostic eqpt.)

Northwest Equipment Sales (Alignment eqpt.) (Buying Guide to OBD2 Scanners)

OTC Div of SPX Corp (Scan tools & diagnostic eqpt.)

PCE Instruments UK Ltd.

Phoenix Systems (Brake service eqpt. & fluid testing)

Planet Eqpt. (Exhaust analyzers)

Pro-Cut International (On-car brake lathes)

Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) (tool news & reviews)

Robinair (A/C service eqpt.)

Samstag Sales (Tools for German cars)

Snap-On Diagnostics (Scan tools, scopes & diagnostic eqpt.)

Snap-On Tools (Professional hand tools & diagnostic eqpt.)

TechShop magazine (automotive tool & equipment news & reviews)

Thexton Mfg. Co. (Specialty tools) (All kinds of tools) (All kinds of tools) (All kinds of tools)

Toolweb (All kinds of tools) (Tuner performance scan tools)

Vacutec Eqpt. (Smoke machines for finding vacuum leaks)

Waekon (Brake, cooling & fuel diagnostic tools)

UEI Universal Enterprises Inc (Digital scopes)

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