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Last Update: January 15, 2015
Automotive Glossary
Automotive Glossary of Terms A to E
Automotive Glossary of Terms F to P
Automotive Glossary of Terms R to Z
Automotive Acronyms

ASE English-Spanish Glossary of Technical Terms (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

Automotive Training Resources

OEM Service Information & Technical Websites

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Auto Repair Safety Tips (READ THIS FIRST!)
Air Conditioning Articles
Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist
A/C Cooling Problem: Blows Warm Air Only No Cool Air
Troubleshoot Air Conditioning Problems
How To Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioner
Alternative Refrigerants for R-12
Flammable Refrigerants
Future Alternative Refrigerants That May Replace R-134a
Information about Retrofitting older vehicles with R-12 A/C systems to R-134a
Air Conditioning Service Best Practices (Procedures a repair shop should follow when servicing your A/C system)
MACS Recommended A/C Service Procedures (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
Troubleshoot Automatic Climate Control System
A/C Compressor Failures
A/C Condenser Flushing
Compressor PAG Oil Application Chart

wheel alignment problems Alignment Articles
Wheel Alignment: Camber, Caster & Toe
Fixing Common Alignment Problems
Strut Suspensions
Correcting Steering Pulls
Getting The Right Attitude: Restoring Ride Height
How To Align The Unalignable
Aligning Light Trucks & SUVs

brake problems Brake Articles
Doing A Complete Brake Job
Brake Pad Installation Tips
Fixes For Common Brake Problems
No Brakes!
Brake Line Failure
Brake Warning Light (possible causes)
Low Brake Pedal (causes)
Brake Lubricants
Silencing Brake Squeal
Eliminating Brake Noise
Say No to Brake Noise
5 Car Noises You Should Not Ignore
Preventing Disc Brake Dust
About Ceramic Brake Pads
More on Ceramic Brake Pads
Update On Application Specific Brake Linings
Choosing Brake Friction Materials
Rating Aftermarket Brake Linings: D3EA Testing
Brake Rotors
Cautions on Composite Disc Brake Rotors
Disc Brakes
Disc Brake Repair Drum Brake Service
Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Inspection & Service
Brake Fluid: A Hot Topic
Bleeding Brakes
Bleeding ABS Brake Systems
Asbestos still a hazard
Servicing Brake Hydraulics
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Balance & Electronic Brake Proportioning
Brake Calipers
Loaded Brake Calipers
Troubleshoot Power Brakes
Parking Brake Service
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
Big 3 Brake Symposium Notes - Oct 2002
Big 3 Brake Symposium Notes - May 2001
All About Antilock Brake Systems (ABS)
Antilock Braking Systems (1998 model year)
ABS Systems Come Under Fire
New ABS Diagnostic Testers
Pulling ABS Diagnostic Codes
Diagnosing ABS Wheel Speed Sensors
Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Minivan Bendix 10 Antilock Brakes
GM Delphi DBC-7 ABS Antilock Brakes
Honda Antilock Brakes
Honda Accord Rear Brake Wear Problem (2008 - 2010 models)
Jeep Bendix 9 Antilock Brakes
Kelsey-Hayes 4WAL Antilock Brakes
Traction Control
Electronic Stability Control

emissions failure Cooling System Articles
Finding & Fixing Coolant Leaks
Servicing Your Cooling System
Cooling System Maintenance & Repairs
Coolant Recovery Systems
Cooling System Electrolysis Corrosion (causes & cures)
Radiator Repair & Replacement
Coolant Checks & Changes More Complicated These Days
Antifreeze (Universal Coolant)
Coolant Confusion
Your Temperature Warning Lamp Is On. What Should You Do?
Overheating: Causes & Cures
Coolant Sensors
Troubleshoot Electric Cooling Fan
Electric Cooling Fan Relay Problems
Troubleshoot Cooling Fan Clutch
Water Pump Diagnosis & Replacement
Belt & hose service
Serpentine Belts
Automatic Belt Tensioners
Heater Service

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Driveability, Diagnostics & Emissions Articles
Poor Fuel Economy
Car Won't Start (Possible Causes & Quick Checks)
Troubleshoot Anti-Theft System
Diagnose Ignition Switch Problems
Troubleshoot Intermittent Engine Problems
Check Engine Light OnBoard Diagnostics
More on Check Engine Lights & Fault Code Diagnostics
Ford P0171 & P0174 Lean Codes
5 Warning Lights You Should Never Ignore!
Other Warning Lights (TEMP, OIL, ALT/GEN, BRAKES, ABS, AIR BAGS, etc.)
Scan Tool Diagnostics
Controller Area Network (CAN) Diagnostics
CAN communication problem (what to do when the CAN system won't talk to your scan tool)
Mode 06 Diagnostics
Flash Reprogramming PCMs
Flash Reprogramming PCMs (more)
Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs)
Understanding Engine Management Systems
Making Sense of Engine Sensors
Air Temperature Sensors
Coolant Sensors
Crankshaft Position CKP Sensors
Understanding Oxygen (O2) Sensors
Oxygen Sensor Locations
Wideband O2 Sensors & A/F Sensors
Sensing Emission Problems (O2 Sensors)
MAP sensors
Mass Airflow MAF Sensors
Vane Airflow VAF Sensors
Throttle Position Sensors
Decoding Onboard Diagnostics
Most Common Trouble Codes (and what causes them)
Trouble Code Diagnostic Tips
All About Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD II)
OBD Monitor Not Ready
Understanding OBD II Driveability & Emissions Problems
Zeroing in on OBD II Diagnostics
Emissions testing update
Emissions Testing: Exhaust Analysis
Evolution of I/M 240
The Environmental Challenge Now Is CO2
Automotive Environmental Issues
Fixing Emission Failures
Basic Emission Control Systems Overview
Catalytic Converters
Troubleshoot a P0420 Catalyst Code
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)
EVAP Evaporative Emission Control System
Spark Knock (Detonation)
What Is Detonation?
How Electronic Fuel Injection Works
What Is Fuel Trim?
What Is Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)?
Toyota Fuel Injection
Troubleshoot Fuel Injectors
Troubleshoot Electronic Fuel Injection Problems
Fuel System Diagnostics: Finding the Best Approach
Fuel Pump Diagnosis Tips from Carter (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
How To Diagnose & Repair Carburetor Problems
Honda Keihin Carburetor Repair
Bad Gas Update 2006
1998 Saturn SC2 intermittent cranks no start problem
The Scoop On Scopes (Diagnostic Storage Oscilloscopes)
Distributorless Ignition Systems
Coil-Over-Plug Ignition Systems
Troubleshoot Idle Speed Control System
Driveability Diagnosis: Misfires
Misfire Diagnosis Chrysler 3.5L V6
Idle Surge (cause & cure)
Ignition Coil Diagnosis & Testing
Diagnosing Dead On Arrival Vehicles
Troubleshooting with Temperature
Troubleshoot electrical problems
Finding & Fixing Vacuum Leaks
What's a Tune-Up Today?
Don't Neglect the Spark Plugs
Why Spark Plugs Still Need To Be Replaced
Spark Plug Fouling
Original Equipment Spark Plugs, Are They Best?
Ford Motorcraft Spark Plug Breakage Problem (2004 - 2008 Ford Trucks w/5.4L V8, & 2005 - 2008 Mustang GT with 4.6L V8)
Bosch Platinum Plus 4 "Forever" Spark Plugs
Light-Duty Diesel Diagnosis
Diesel Piston Damage Diagnosis
GM Duramax Diesel Warranty Issues

battery, starter, alternator problems Electrical, Battery, Starting & Charging System Articles
Battery Safety (Read First!!!)
Hybrid Safety Hazards
How to Test Your Car Battery
Diagnosing A Battery That Runs Down
Battery Disconnect Problems (Read This BEFORE Disconnecting or Replacing Your Battery)
Charging System Checks (alternator testing)
Starting & Charging System Troubleshooting
How To Replace an Alternator
More on Starters
What You Should Know About Rebuilt Alternators & Starters
High Output Alternators (Why You May Need One)
Voltage Drop Testing
Troubleshoot electrical problems
Automotive Electrical Circuits
Power Centers: Relays & Fuses
Troubleshoot Anti-Theft System
Troubleshoot Electronic Instrument Cluster
Troubleshoot Power Windows
Troubleshoot Headlights
Lights (headlights & bulbs)
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights
Stop-Start Systems

engine problems Engine Articles
Buick 3800 Engine Diagnosis
Chevy Aveo 1.6L Timing Belt Replacement
Chrysler 3.5L V6 Engine Service
Chrysler/Mitsubishi 3.0L V6 Engine Service
Chrysler Neon 2.0L Engine Service
GM Timing Belt Replacement
Ford Timing Belts & Chains
Ford 3.0L Duratec V6 Engine Diagnosis
Toyota & Honda Timing Belts
Cadillac Northstar V8 Engine Service
Engine Replacement Issues
Engine Repair Options
Diesel Piston Damage Diagnosis
GM Duramax Diesel Warranty Issues
Motor Mounts
Saturn Vibration Caused by Bad Engine Mount
Engine Rebuilding Tips
Replacing Internal Engine Parts
Engine Balancing
Cylinder Bore Honing Techniques
Cylinder Bore Surface Finishes (by the numbers)
Timing Chains & Belts
Variable Valve Timing
Timing Chain Replacement (Mazda & Ford 3.0L DOHC V6)
Aftermarket Timing Belt Warranty Warning
Timing Belts: Is Your Engine and Interference Engine?
About Camshafts & How To Choose a Camshaft
New Gasket Sealing & Resurfacing Requirements for Today's Engines
Cast Iron Cylinder Head and Block Crack Repairs
Valve Guide Repairs
Valve Seat Repairs
Causes of Valve Failures
Diagnose Weak Valve Springs
OHC Cylinder Head Components
OHC Cylinder Head Repairs
Cylinder Head Resurfacing
Tracking Down Causes of Engine Failure
Preventing Repeat Head Gasket Failures
Why Head Gaskets Fail
Head Gasket Failure: Common Causes
How to Fix a Leaky Head Gasket
All About Cylinder Head Bolts
Head Bolts (Torque-to-yield TTY head bolt installation & removal tips)
Torque Wrench (how to use)
Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light On
Troubleshoot Low Oil Pressure
Oil Pump Diagnosis
Oil Pumps: The Heart of the Engine
Do You Really Need a High Volume Oil Pump?
What Every Technician Should Know About Engine Bearings
Performance Pistons
Evolution of Piston Design
Piston Rings: Stock & Performance
Rings of Steel: Update On Piston Ring Technology
Piston Rings: Stock & Performance
Piston Ring End Gap Recommendations
Engine Compression Testing
Engine Leakdown Testing
Measuring Blowby
Causes of High Oil Consumption"
Engine Oil Leaks
Exhaust Smoke (various causes of)
Diagnosing Engine Noise
Engine Noise in Dodge Caravan & Chrysler Minivans
5 Car Noises You Should Not Ignore

Exhaust Articles
Troubleshoot Exhaust Problems
How to Check Exhaust Backpressure
Troubleshoot a P0420 Catalytic Converter Code
Catalytic Converter Testing
How to Replace a Muffler
Performance Mufflers

Front-Wheel Drive Articles
CV Joints & FWD shafts, part 1: Basics
CV Joints, part 2: Service & Repair
More About CV Joint and Halfshaft Service
How CV Joints are Remachined
Torque Steer in FWD Cars

fuel injection problems Fuel Related Articles
Gas Pains -- High Fuel Prices and What You Can and Can't Do About It
Fuel Saving Tips from the Car Care Council
My Advice On Gas-Saving Gadgets
About Alternative Fuels
E85 Ethanol Alcohol Alternative Fuel
What is E15?
How To Make Your Own Alcohol Fuels
How To Diagnose & Repair Carburetor Problems
Mechanical Fuel Pumps
Electric Fuel Pumps
Fuel Pump Diagnosis
How To Replace an In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump
Troubleshoot Fuel Gauges
How Electronic Fuel Injection Works
What Is Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)?
Toyota Fuel Injection
Troubleshoot Fuel Injectors
Troubleshoot Electronic Fuel Injection Problems
Fuel System Diagnostics: Finding the Best Approach
Diagnosing Returnless Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
Intake Valve Deposits in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines
Troubleshooting & Cleaning Fuel Injectors
Fuel Filters
Electronic Throttle Control
Diagnose Cruise Control
Bad Gas Update 2006
Fuel Octane Ratings & Recommendations
Turbocharger Diagnosis & Repair
Basics of Supercharging
Diagnosing An Engine that Won't Crank or Start
Finding & Fixing Engine Vacuum Leaks

Fuel Pump Diagnosis Tips from Carter (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
Gasoline Quality Guide for Technicians (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

ignition diagnosis Ignition & Spark Plugs Articles
Spark Plug Technology
Don't Neglect the Spark Plugs
Why Spark Plugs Still Need To Be Replaced
Spark Plug Wires
Analyzing Ignition Misfires
Engine Won't Start, No Spark
Spark Plugs & Ignition Performance
Chevy Firing Orders
Chrysler Firing Orders
Ford Firing Orders
Distributor Ignition Systems
Distributorless Ignition Systems
Don't Use Ordinary Spark Plugs with Waste Spark DIS Ignition Systems
Coil-Over-Plug Ignition Systems
Multi-Coil Ignition Systems
Ignition Coil Diagnosis & Testing
Diagnosing Dead On Arrival Vehicles

Lubrication & Maintenance articles
Preventive Maintenance Chart
What Every Motorist Needs To Know About Motor Oil
New Motor Oil Specifications 2014
Motor Oils & Lubricants
How Often Should You Change Your Oil?
How To Change Your Oil
Certified Master Technicians Speak Out On Oil Change Intervals - June 2006
API Motor Oil Classifications
Watch Out for Obsolete "SA" Motor Oils (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
Motor Oil Additives
ZDDP - What is it & Why do you need it?
Motor Oil Viscosity
Re-Refined Motor Oil
Synthetic Motor Oil
Troubleshoot Low Oil Pressure
Oil Pump Diagnosis
Oil Pumps: The Heart of the Engine
Oil Filters
Car Maintenance: Changing FLuids, Filters, Belts & Hoses
Preventive Maintenance
5 Things Your Car May Need Now!
5 Things Your Car May Not Need
5 Ways To Save Money on Auto Repairs
BMW's Condition Based Service System
Winterizing Tips
Summerize Tips for Hot Weather Driving
Recommended Service Intervals from the Car Care Council
Replace Your Windshield Wipers
Automatic Transmission Fluid (types and applications)
Regular Fluid Flushes Good for Transmissions
Underhood Maintenance: Fluids, Filters, Belts & Hoses
Check Your Air Filter
Ford Focus PZEV 150K Sealed Air Filter
Cabin Air Filters

Misc. Articles
Auto Repair
Car Repair
Car Repair Advice
Automotive Tools for Repairing & Maintaining Your Car
How to Weld Aluminum
Common Car problems (by symptom)
What Goes Wrong With Cars (and When)
Most Often Replaced Car Parts
How To Avoid Auto Repair Fraud, Scams and Rip-offs
Update on the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP)
New Car Lemon Laws
How Much Should It Cost To Fix Your Car?
Don't Get Overcharged for Auto Repairs
Auto Repair Facts for Consumers Provided By the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
How to Pay for Auto Repairs
New Car Warranty Coverage: What Is Covered, What Is Not
Got Car Trouble?
Where To Buy Auto Parts?
Troubleshoot Odors Inside Your Car
Getting a Trailer Hitch How To Choose & Install one that is Right for You)
Repairing & Maintaining Trailer Brakes (mechanical & electric)
Safe Travel Tips
How To Buy A Good Used Car (and NOT a Lemon!)
Used Car Inspection Checklist
Used Car Dealer Tricks (How NOT to get cheated on the next used car you buy!)
My Advice for Selling, Trading or Getting Rid of Your Old Car or Truck
Used Car Information Resources
Insurance Resources
Speeding is NOT a Crime!!
Preventing Auto Theft
Ending Our Dependence on Foreign Oil
Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Car Interiors
Defensive Driving Tips
Telematics (What Is It?)
Telematics: The Connected Car
Automotive Technician Training Resources
Crappy Cars I Have Owned
My Favorite Cars
Test Driving 2014 Corvette, Dodge Viper and Nissan GTR)
See Carley's BLOG for more topics

New Vehicles & Technology Articles
Self-Driving Cars & Driverless Autonomous Vehicles: The Next Big Thing?
Most Fuel Efficient Cars for 2011 Model Year
Most Fuel Efficient Cars for 2009 Model Year
25 Most Fuel Efficient Cars for 2008
Should You Buy a Hybrid or Electric Car?
Which is Better? a Diesel Engine or a Gasoline/Electric Hybrid?
Clean Diesel Technology
What Is Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)?
Who Killed GM's EV1 Electric Car?
SKF-Bertone Novanta Drive-By-Wire Concept Car
2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10
2003 Jaguar S-Type
Electric Hybrid Vehicles: Toyota Prius - first generation
Hybrid Safety Hazards
Hybrid Vehicle Service Tips
Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Problems
Toyota Prius Diagnostics

Safety Articles
Active Safety Systems
Common Sense Auto Repair Safety Tips
Distracted Driving Poses Safety Risk
Auto Accidents: Mechanical Problems That Increase Your Risk
Toyota Unintended Acceleration: Possible Causes
Toyota Recalls 2005 to 2008 Corolla & Matrix for Defective Engine Computer
Toyota Prius Brake Recall
Windstar Rear Axle Failure Recall
Battery Safety (Read This Before Jumping Starting, Charging or Replacing a Battery!)
Hybrid Safety Hazards
Hybrid Safety Information on Toyota Prius & other Toyota Vehicles
Milestones in Automotive Safety
Airbags & Crash Sensors
Airbag Recalls
NHTSA vehicle safety recalls
Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Car Interiors
Tire Safety
Electronic Stability Control
2008 Vehicle Crash Test Safety Ratings (Best and Worst)

Steering, Suspension & Tire Articles
Electric Power Steering
Power Steering Fluid
Variable-Assist Power Steering Systems
Troubleshoot Rack & Pinion Steering
Rack & Pinion Steering Inner Tie Rod Sockets
Correcting Steering Pulls
Torque Steer in FWD Cars
Toyota Steering Recall
Watch Out For Old Tires
Used Tires - Are They Safe?
Why Tires Fail
What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire
Floor Jacks & Jack Stands (How to Safely Raise Your Vehicle)
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
TPMS Warning Light
Ford F150 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Diagnose Tire Problems
Tire Wear (What to look for, how to reduce it)
Tires - When to Replace & What to Buy
Tire Rotation: When & How To Rotate Your Tires
Tire Inflation tips
Tire Safety
Tire Care Survey Results
Tire Valve Stems
Curing wheel & tire vibrations
Wheel Balancing
Diagnosing Causes of Suspension Vibrations
Wheel Alignment: Camber, Caster & Toe
Diagnosing ride control complaints
Strut Suspensions
Ball Joints: Inspection & Replacement Tips
Tire Inflation Tips from Firestone (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
Tire Rotation Tips from Bridgestone (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).
Sealed Wheel Bearing Hub Units
Wheel Bearing & Seal Service

Transmission, Clutch and Driveline Articles
Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Service
Automatic Transmission Fluid (types and applications)
Diagnosing Automatic Transmission Complaints
Automatic Transmission Slipping
About Electronic Automatiuc Transmissions
Chrysler 45RFE Automatic Transmission Shift Problems
Ford AX4S Automatic Transmission (Windstar & Taurus)
Torque Converters (basic operation & diagnosis)
High Performance Torque Converters
Common Clutch Problems
Clutch Service
Diagnosing & Replacing a Faulty Clutch
Clutch Installation Tips from LUK
Flywheel Resurfacing
Import Manual Transmission & clutch Service
Wheel Bearing & Seal Service
Sealed Wheel Bearing & Hub Units
4WD Locking Hub Service
More on Servicing 4WD Locking Hubs

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