Fuel Injection Repair Information
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Fuel Injection Repair Information

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fuel system articles Fuel Injection Repair Topics:

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Fuel System Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pump Diagnosis

Fuel Pump Warranty Issues

How To Replace an In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump

Troubleshoot Fuel Gauges

Gas Cap Loose?

How Electronic Fuel Injection Works

Fuel Injection Self-Test Quiz (Download or Print PDF file)

Air/Fuel Ratios

What Is Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)?

Toyota Fuel Injection

Troubleshoot Fuel Injectors

Troubleshoot Electronic Fuel Injection & Fuel Pump Diagnosis

Fuel System Diagnostics: Finding the Best Approach

How Fuel Injection Affects Emissions

What Is Fuel Trim?

Troubleshoot Poor Fuel Economy

Troubleshoot Hesitation Problems

Troubleshoot Idle Speed Control System

Idle Surge (cause & cure)

Throttle-By-Wire systems (Electronic Throttle Control)

Diagnose Cruise Control

Diagnosing Returnless Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

Intake Valve Deposits in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines

Gasoline Fuel Treatments

Troubleshooting & Cleaning Fuel Injectors

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More Fuel System Topics

Bad Gasoline Can Cause Performance Problems

Watch Out for Bad Gasoline

Fuel Contamination: What Happens If You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

Fuel Octane Ratings & Recommendations

What Is Detonation?

Fuel Filters

How To Diagnose & Repair Carburetor Problems

Honda Keihin Carburetor Repair

Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Finding & Fixing Engine Vacuum Leaks

Fuel Economy:

Gas Pains -- High Fuel Prices and What You Can and Can't Do About It

Fuel Saving Tips from the Car Care Council

My Advice On Gas-Saving Gadgets

Alternative Fuels:

About Alternative Fuels

E85 Ethanol Alcohol Alternative Fuel

What is E15?

How To Make Your Own Alcohol Fuels

Forced Induction & High Performance:

Turbocharger Diagnosis & Repair

Basics of Supercharging

Cold Air Intake Systems

Carburetor or EFI: Which Is Best?

Diesel Fuel System:

Diesel Fuel Treatments

Light-Duty Diesel Diagnosis

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Fuel Injection Technical Information:

Delphi Fuel Pumps Frequently Asked Questions (PDF file).

Helpful Brochures You Can Download:

Fuel Pump Diagnosis Tips from Carter (PDF file).

Gasoline Quality Guide for Technicians (PDF file).

Alternative Fuels:

E85 Ethanol Alcohol Alternative Fuel

About Alternative Fuels

Mitchell 1 DIY eautorepair manuals

Mitchell Repair Information for the Do-it-Yourselfer