Diagnosis & Repair Help for Steering, Suspension & Alignment Problems
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Diagnosis & Repair Help for Steering, Suspension & Alignment Problems

front suspension alignment

Wheel Alignment Diagnosis & Repair Articles:

Fixing Common Alignment Problems

Basics of Wheel Alignment: Camber, Caster & Toe

How To Align The Unalignable

Aligning Light Trucks & SUVs

Correcting Steering Pulls

Where to Buy Wheel Alignment Specification Information:


Steering Problem Diagnosis & Repair Articles:

Electric Power Steering

Variable-Assist Power Steering Systems

Troubleshooting Rack & Pinion Steering

Power Steering Fluid

Rack & Pinion Steering Inner Tie Rod Sockets

Correcting Steering Pulls

Torque Steer in FWD Cars

Toyota Steering Recall

Suspension Problem Diagnosis & Repair Articles:

How To Inspect Your Car's Suspension

Diagnosing Shocks & Struts

Strut Suspensions

Servicing Air Ride Suspensions

How Spring Sag Affects Chassis Ride Height

Ball Joints: Inspection & Replacement Tips

Sealed Wheel Bearing Hub Units

Wheel Bearing & Seal Service

Tire & Wheel Problem Diagnosis & Repair Articles:

Watch Out For Old Tires

Why Tires Fail

What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire

Floor Jacks & Jack Stands (How to Safely Raise Your Vehicle)

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

TPMS Warning Light

Ford F150 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Safety

Tire Care Survey Results

Tire inflation tips

Tire Valve Stems

Diagnosing Tire Problems

Tire Wear (What to look for, how to reduce it)

Tires - When to Replace & What to Buy

Used Tires - Are They Safe?

Tire Rotation: When & How To Rotate Your Tires

Curing wheel & tire vibrations

Wheel Balancing

Got an Alignment or Suspension Problem? Need Help?

Links to Tire-Related Websites with Technical Information:

Consumer Affairs Tire Reviews & Information

TireSafety.com (Info on how to check tires, tire construction & safety)

Tire Tech at TireRack.com (Tons of info on tire design, speed ratings, sizing, etc.)

Helpful Brochures You Can Download:

Tire Inflation Tips from Firestone (PDF file).

Tire Rotation Tips from Bridgestone (PDF file).

Alignment Guide Training Program:

Here's a product that can help you better understand the basics of wheel alignment, and steering and suspension troubleshooting. It is a software program you can run on any Windows PC or laptop:

Alignment Guide training software
Click for more information about the Alignment Guide Quick Reference software.