Emission Problem Diagnosis & Repair Help for Common Emission Control Problems
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Emission Control Repair Information

catalytic converter reduces exhaust pollutants

Emission Control Repair Topics:

Understanding OBD II Driveability & Emissions Problems

Fixing Emission Failures

All About Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD II)

Advanced Diagnostics: Mode 06

Basic Emission Control Systems Overview

How Fuel Injection Affects Emissions

Exhaust Emissions Diagnosis

Troubleshooting a P0420 Catalyst Code

Catalytic Converters

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)

EVAP Evaporative Emission Control System

Making Sense of Engine Sensors

Oxygen (O2) Sensors

Wideband O2 Sensors & A/F Sensors

Sensing Emission Problems (more on O2 Sensors)

Driveability Diagnosis: Misfires

Troubleshooting Intermittent Engine Problems

Finding & Fixing Vacuum Leaks

Understanding Oxygen (O2) Sensors

Sensing Emission Problems (O2 Sensors)

Emissions testing update

OBD II Emissions Testing

Evolution of I/M 240

Environmental Issues:

Automotive Environmental Issues

SUVs Versus Trees: The Environmental Challenge

The Environmental Challenge Now Is CO2

Toxic Chemicals In Your Car's Interior

Emissions Related Resources:

California Air Resources Board (ARB)

California Bureau of Auto Repair

California South Coast Air Quality Mgmt. Dist.

Department of Transportation (DOE)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)



Hybrid Vehicle Center

Sierra Club