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Does Your Sex Appeal Really Depend On What Car Your Drive?

By Larry Carley copyright Click Here to return to Carley's Car Blog.

People email me all kinds of wacky car-related news, and occasionally some are worth passing along. According to a survey by Lifeskool TV, your sex appeal may depend on what car you drive (or don't drive). And to think I drove vehicles like a Chevy Vega, a Ford Escort and mini-vans all these years. It's a miracle I ever landed a wife and had kids.

Yes, a car does make a statement about the person who drives it.

An economy cars screams PRACTICAL, BORING and NO MONEY.



A pickup truck in a suburban area may mean REDNECK JUST RELOCATED or JOB CONTRACTOR GOING TO JOB SITE


The survey polled 1,000 men and women coast to coast to gauge their attitudes about cars and amour, what cars say about our romantic potential and how they may be broadcasting information about our romantic shortcomings. Here are the results:

An astounding 70% of respondents hope to find themselves in a love clutch in their automobile this summer!
(Comment: I am not quite sure what they mean by this, but I don't think it has anything to do with shifting gears.)

The Car Most Likely to Make Its Owner Lucky in Love This Summer?
You need to own a BWM (30%) or Mercedes (24%), or a Classic Era Corvette (15%), or maybe a Rolls Royce (8%) or Bentley (7%). The Euro-Racers Lamborgini and Ferrari tied with the cute VW Beetle and Mini Cooper (4% each).
(Comment: No votes for mini-vans, Kias or pickup trucks?)

Would You Ever Date Someone Just Because of His or Her Car?
Sixty-six percent of respondents said they would date someone just because they drive a hot car.
(Comment: Yeah, but what if they drive a weird car or a cute car or a practical car?)

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Which Car Is A Sign that a Man is Overcompensating for his Fragile Ego or a physical shortcoming?
According to the survey, Humvee owners may not only be broadcasting their lack of concern about fuel economy, but possible shortcomings in the physical department as well. Thirty-percent of respondents say Hummer owners are using their cars to compensate for shortcomings, followed by owners of the Cadillac Escalade (20%), Lamborgini (18%) and Ferrari owners (15%). Also rating in the overcompensation tally, Monster Truck owners (10%) and vintage muscle car owners (7%).
(Comment: What does this imply about the poor guy who drives the OscarMayer Weinermobile?)

Which Quality of A Person's Car Contributes Most to its Owner's Attractiveness?
Thirty-five percent of respondents say a big sticker price of their paramour's car gets their motor running.
(Comment: If you bought an expensive car, leave the factory invoice in the window so everybody can see how much you paid.)

Would You Ever Reject Someone Romantically Just Because of His or Her Car?
Fifty-five percent said they would not snub advances by an intended because of the quality of their wheels. On the other hand, 45% said they would.
(Comment: if you drive a beater, get a bumper sticker that says My Other Car Is A BMW.)

My Thoughts On The Survey

Don't take this survey too seriously because it sounds to me like the survey respondents were a bunch of impressionable teenagers or female gold-diggers. I think most people drive what they like, what they can afford (which limits the choices for most of us), and what best meets their needs at the time. And many of us have more than one vehicle for different uses.

Young single guys drive flashy, sporty fun cars to attract young women. Old divorced guys drive red convertibles or over-priced luxury cars (assuming they didn't lose their car in the divorce settlement) to attract women. Sales people drive nice cars if they want to give the impression they are successful, and business executives and business owners always have the most expensive vehicle in the employee parking lot just to let everybody know who's the boss.

Cars may project an image or send a message, and advertisers certainly do everything they can to reinforce this message. But the vehicle we drive does NOT define who we are as individuals, or what our true attributes, abilities or values are. You have to look beyond the external sheetmetal and consider the person inside.

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