Chrysler fault codes
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Chrysler Diagnostic Trouble Codes P1100-P1399


Diagnostic Trouble Code numbers are read by plugging a code reader or scan tool into the vehicle diagnostic connector (usually located under the instrument panel near the steering column) that can read vehicle manufacturer enhanced or P1 c odes (not just generic or P0 codes). The presence of a code will turn on the Check Engine Light. The light will remain on until the code has been erased. The code number does not tell you which part has failed. It only indicates a possible fault has been detected in the circuit, system or sensor described. Further testing is usually required to isolate the fault BEFORE repairs are made.

For vehicle specific diagnostic charts and vehicle specific repair information, refer to a service manual, or get a subscription to the Chrysler Tech Authority website.

The following is a partial listing of common Chrysler specific "P1" enhanced OBD II fault codes provided by Chrysler:

Chrysler Trouble Code List P1100-P1399

P1103....Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator malfunction

P1104....Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid malfunction

P1105....Fuel Pressure Solenoid malfunction

P1195...Catalytic monitor slow upstream O2 sensor

P1196....Slow switching O2 Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) while monitoring catalyst

P1197....Slow switching O2 Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) while monitoring catalyst

P1198....Radiator Temperature Sensor input voltage too high

P1199....Radiator Temperature Sensor input voltage too low

P1281....Engine is cold too long

P1282....Fuel pump relay control circuit

P1283....Idle select signal invalid

P1284....Fuel injection pump voltage out-of-range

P1285....Fuel injection pump controller always on

P1286....Acceleration position sensor supply voltage too high

P1287....Fuel injection pump controller supply voltage low

P1288....Intake manifold Short Runner Tuning Valve Solenoid circuit

P1289....Manifold Tune Valve Solenoid circuit

P1290....Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) system pressure too high

P1291....No temperature rise seen from intake air heaters

P1292....Compressed Natural Gas Pressure Sensor voltage too high

P1293....Compressed Natural Gas Pressure Sensor voltage too low

P1294....Target idle not reached (check idle air control motor)

P1295...No 5 volt reference signal to Throttle Position sensor

P1296....No 5 volt reference signal to MAP sensor

P1297....No change in MAP from start to run

P1298....Lean operation at wide open throttle

P1299....Vacuum leak found (Idle air control fully seated)

P1300....Ignition timing adjustment circuit failure

P1388....Auto shutdown relay control circuit

P1389....No auto shutdown relay output voltage at PCM

P1390....Timing belt skipped 1 tooth or more

P1391....Intermittent loss of crank position or cam position sensor signal

P1398....Misfire adaptive numerator at limit (check crank position sensor)

P1399....Wait to start lamp circuit (diesel)

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