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Transmission Repair Information

automatic transmission

Automatic Transmission Repair:

Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Service

Automatic Transmission Fluid (types and applications)

Diagnosing Automatic Transmission Complaints

Automatic Transmission Slipping

Automatic Transmission Service

About Electronic Automatic Transmissions

Chrysler 45RFE Automatic Transmission Shift Problems

Ford AX4S Automatic Transmission (Windstar & Taurus)

Torque Converters (basic operation & diagnosis)

High Performance Torque Converters

Manual Transmission & Clutch Repair:

Common Clutch Problems

Clutch Service

Diagnosing & Replacing a Faulty Clutch

Import Manual Transmission & clutch Service

Clutch Installation Tips from LUK (pdf file)

Flywheel Resurfacing

Driveline Repair:

Wheel Bearing & Seal Service

Sealed Wheel Bearing & Hub Units

Servicing Locking & Automatic Hubs (4x4)

Inspecting Constant Velocity Joints & Halfshafts

4WD Locking Hub Service

More on Servicing 4WD Locking Hubs

Front-Wheel Drive Guide

Transmission-related Links:

Ford Transmission Applications

Luk Clutches

Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide

Valeo Clutches

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