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Transmission Repair Information

automatic transmission

Automatic Transmission Repair:

Automatic Transmission Fluid: Choosing the Correct Type For Your Transmission

Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Service

Diagnosing Automatic Transmission Complaints

Automatic Transmission Slipping

Automatic Transmission Service

About Electronic Automatic Transmissions

Chrysler 45RFE Automatic Transmission Shift Problems

Ford AX4S Automatic Transmission (Windstar & Taurus)

2021-22 Hyundai & KIA Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission Recall

Torque Converters (basic operation & diagnosis)

High Performance Torque Converters

Automatic Transmission Self-Test Quiz (Downloadable PDF file)

Manual Transmission & Clutch Repair:

Common Clutch Problems

Clutch Service

Diagnosing & Replacing a Faulty Clutch

Import Manual Transmission & clutch Service

Clutch Installation Tips from LUK (pdf file)

Flywheel Resurfacing

Driveline Repair:

Front-Wheel Drive Training Guide

Wheel Bearing & Seal Service

Sealed Wheel Bearing & Hub Units

Servicing Locking & Automatic Hubs (4x4)

Inspecting Constant Velocity Joints & Halfshafts

4WD Locking Hub Service

More on Servicing 4WD Locking Hubs

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