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What Is the Motorist Assurance Program?

The Motorist Assurance Program is a consumer-oriented organization that promotes the following:

Better Communication Between Motorists and Repair Facilities

The need for improved communication between customers and auto repair facilities so customers understand what they agreed to and know what they're getting;

The need for uniformity in repair recommendations because there had been no standards for vehicle inspection; and

The need for more training and education of technicians in the industry.

Uniform Auto Inspection & Repair Guidelines

The Motorist Assurance Program has essentially provided the standards the auto repair industry has long needed. The industry recognized that need, and came together and developed a series of Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards. The guidelines give consumers the information they need to make an educated decision on repairs for their vehicle. The customer and shop technician together use the guidelines to agree on the work the shop will do on his or her vehicle, thus eliminating confusion or mistrust.

Repair shops who participate in the Motorist Assurance Program display a decal. They agree to adhere to the MAP Pledge of Assurance to Customers, and the Standards of Service. Consumers benefit from:

Better understanding of the vehicle's problem(s) and what repairs are "Required" v. "Suggested";

A minimum warranty of 90 days or 4,000 miles; and

Uniformity of recommendations from one shop to another when the customer seeks a second opinion from another participating facility.

For more information about the MAP program and how it can help you with auto maintenance, service and repairs, Click Here to visit the Motorist Assurance Program website.

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