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broken saturn motor mount

Saturn Vibration

by Larry Carley copyright

Does your Saturn have a bad idle vibration that can be felt throughout your whole car? Or does it have a vibration that appears at speeds of 45 to 60 mph? This type of Saturn vibration problem is usually caused by a bad engine mount.

The engine mount causing the vibration is usually the Upper Right (passenger side) engine mount. The mount typically tears apart or collapses, allowing engine vibrations to be transmitted to the chassis.

Affected models include 1992 to 2002 Saturn SC1, SC1, SL1, SL2, SW1 and SW2 with the 1.9L SOHC and DOHC engines.

The fix is to replace the bad engine mount with a new one.

General Motors no longer sells the original mount (part number 21012185) so your only option is to find someone who still has some new old stock to sell (maybe ebay or a specialty Saturn parts supplier), or to buy an aftermarket motor mount.

How to Replace the RH Upper Engine Mount on Your Saturn

1. Set the parking brake and/or place the transmission in gear (manual) or Park (automatic).

2. Open the hood and locate the upper right motor mount. The mount supports the right side of the engine. It�s hard to tell if the mount is bad just by looking at it. You will likely have to remove the mount to see if the rubber cushions have collapsed or torn loose from the steel support brackets.

3. Place a floor jack under the engine, and position a block of wood between the jack and the bottom of the oil pan to protect the pan. Then slowly raise the jack just enough to take the weight of the engine off the mount.

4. Remove the two nuts that attach the mount to the inner fender, and then the three nuts that attach the mount to the engine. Note: The studs that screw into the engine cover may come loose and back out when you attempt to remove the nuts. That�s okay. Just remove the nuts from any studs that back out so the studs can be screwed back into the engine cover BEFORE you attempt to install the new motor mount.

change saturn engine mount

5. Remove the engine mount and inspect it for damage. If the rubber cushions have collapsed, are torn or have separated from the bracket, replace the mount with a new one. If the mount appears to be in good condition, the vibration may be due to a bad lower transaxle mount.

6. To install the new mount, slip it into place between the engine and chassis. You may need a pry bar to wiggle the engine and/or mount so all of the bolt holes line up. Some aftermarket mounts don�t line up very well and may have to be ground or modified slightly so they will fit.

7. Once the mount is in place, install and tighten all of the nuts.

8. Lower the jack, start the engine and hopefully the vibration problem will be history.

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