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Nobody ever reads this stuff, but here it is anyway:

AA1Car makes every effort to assure the technical accuracy of all information on this website.

But we�re only human and sometimes mistakes happen, information may be omitted, misprinted or misquoted. If you see an error or question the accuracy of a statement, email us so that we may make any changes that are needed. See FAQs for how to contact us.

Technology is always changing and what is current and accurate today may be out-of-date and inaccurate tomorrow. Note the copyright date at the top of the article. When the information is updated, it will show the most recent date. If the copyright is more than several years old, you can assume the content has NOT been updated recently.

The articles on this website are provided for information sharing purposes only, and should not be used in lieu of an OEM service manual or factory authorized service procedure. We are NOT in the auto repair business nor do we publish automotive service manuals. Nothing we say has been reviewed, approved or authorized by any vehicle manufacturer. The information and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the author (unless information is attributed to another source, person or company). Even though the author has many years of automotive experience, he does not know everything. Consequently, AA1Car and its author and contributors cannot be held responsible for anything you might do to your vehicle or yourself after reading information or opinions on this website. If you screw something up or hurt yourself and want to blame somebody, blame yourself. You have been warned.

Auto repair requires a certain amount of common sense. If you lack common sense, and do not know one end of a screwdriver from the other, do not attempt your own auto repairs or maintenance. Take your vehicle to a professional repair facility for service and repairs.

Note all CAUTIONS and WARNINGS in the articles. They are there for a reason (to protect you!).

Some automotive service procedures are potentially dangerous.

See Auto Repair Safety Tips for details.

Copyright and Permissions

All content on this website (including text and images) are copyrighted intellectual property of AA1Car and may NOT be copied, reproduced, captured, shared, duplicated, republished in any form, reused, resold, plagerized or stolen.

Note: Some content has been provided by aftermarket parts and equipment manufacturers. This information can be shared but is also under copyright protection of whomever provided it.

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