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Updated: November 2017
Updated OBD2 fault code lists (added over 600 new codes!)

SENSOR GUIDE is a comprehensive quick reference guide and learning tool that gives you the knowledge you need to understand what happens under the hood of today's cars. How sensors, work, what they do, how to tell when they're bad and common failure symptoms. Information you need to diagnose and repair your own vehicles. Don't replace parts until you know you've made the correct diagnosis!

SENSOR GUIDE covers sensors that are common to most vehicle makes and models and explains how each basic type of sensor works, how to inspect and test sensors, and what kind of driveability symptoms can be caused by bad sensors. Basic types of Sensors covered include:

* Sensor Diagnostics (tips on how to troubleshoot sensor problems and how to read sensor data PIDS with a scan tool)
* Oxygen sensors (conventional zirconia, titania and wide-range)
* Coolant sensors
* MAP sensors
* BARO sensors
* Throttle Position Sensors (TPS)
* Mass Airflow sensors (MAF)
* Vane Airflow sensors (VAF)
* Karmen Vortex Airflow sensors
* Knock sensors
* Air Temperature sensors
* EGR valve position sensors
* Crankshaft position sensors
* Camshaft position sensors
* Vehicle Speed Sensors (VSS)
* Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS) on ABS systems
* Steering angle sensors
* G-Force sensors
* Airbag crash sensors

Sample Screens from the program:

oxygen sensor screen . feedback fuel loop screen . PIC screen screen
throttle position sensor screen . electronic fuel injection screen . air temp sensor screen
typical engine sensor locations . oxygen sensor bank locations

SENSOR GUIDE also includes "background" sections to help you understand:
* Computerized Engine Controls -- how the PCM uses sensor inputs
* Distributorless (DIS) ignition systems and Coil-Over-Plug (COP) ignition systems
* Use of a digital oscilloscope (DSO) to read waveforms
* Basics of electronic fuel injection, including electronic throttle control
* Basic electrical circuits
* Basic electronic theory
* Basics of OBD II
* Diagnostic tips for troubleshooting sensor-related faults

This program can help you prepare for the ASE technician certification test
SENSOR GUIDE can also be used as a training aide and refresher course if you are a technician studying for the ASE Engine Performance test or LT1 Advanced Engine Performance Test.

NOTE: SENSOR GUIDE does NOT contain service manual type repair information for specific vehicles. It covers basic sensors and diagnostics that are common to ALL vehicles. If you need vehicle specific repair information, try AlldataDIY. If you need a repair manual for your vehicle, Click Here

System Requirements:

Program requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Win 8 for desktop but NOT Win 8 RT for tablets), or Windows 10.

Please Note: This software will NOT run on an Apple/MAC computer, laptop or smart phone, or an Android phone or tablet unless you have installed a "Windows Emulator" utility program..

PRICE: $19.95 for download.

Please Note: No Refunds on Software

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