Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics

A Quick Reference & Training Guide on How To Use a Scan Tool to Diagnose and Repair Check Engine Light Problems

Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Light on? Need Help Figuring Out What's Wrong?
This guide on how to use a scan tool to diagnose Check Engine Light problems is what you need!

Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics is a quick reference guide for troubleshooting fault codes.

This is an ebook in PDF format. It will help you troubleshoot Check Engine Light problems and fix your car.
Covers Trouble Codes, driveability symptoms, emission faults, and performance problems on 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles.

Got a code or a problem and don't know where to start your diagnosis? This Guide will give you the expert insight into fixing your problem.
Larry's years of experience as a technical editor, writer and author are condensed into this easy-to-follow guide, with the basic information
you need to read trouble codes, understand what they mean, what to check and how to fix the problem once and for all.

Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics is like having an expert technician at your fingertips to help you eliminate that annoying Check Engine Light.

* Saves you time, money and the frustration of replacing parts unnecessarily! Fix it right the first time!

* Eliminate Check Engine Light issues that may prevent your car from passing an OBD2 emissions test.


Q. How does this product compare to your Scantool Companion software?

Think of this ebook as the "LITE" version of Scantool Companion. This Guide only focuses on the basics of troubleshooting Check Engine Light codes.
By comparison, Scantool Companion is packed with information covering all aspects of OBD2, engine sensors, generic OBD2 code lists, system diagnostics, symptom diagnostics and more. It is a very in-depth and comprehensive package that covers every aspect of diagnostics. So do you want just a single beer or the whole six-pack? That's the difference.

Q. How does this ebook PDF format differ from Scantool Companion software?

Scantool Companion is an interactive software program that only runs on Windows PCs or laptops. You can't run it on an Apple/Mac computer or Android tablet or smart phone.
Because this ebook is in a universal PDF format, you can open and read it on ANY device, including any Windows PC or laptop, any Apple/MAC laptop, any Android tablet or ipad, or any smart phone (iphone or Android).

Q. How does Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics compare to the free content on

Larry's Guide is essentially an edited version of some of the articles on AA1Car combined with some of the content from Scantool Companion.
There are NO annoying ads in Larry's Guide so readability is much better.
Also, there are NO links to other articles or resources in Larry's Guide. It's just a simple PDF file.

Q.Is Larry's Guide written for the Do-It-Yourselfer or Professional mechanic?

The Guide is aimed primarily at Do-It-Yourselfers and Motorists who want to troubleshoot Check Engine Light problems.
However, it is also useful for upgrading the diagnostic skills of entry level mechanics who are working on late model vehicles.
Automotive votech students can also find Larry's Guide helpful for understanding how to use PIDs and scan tool data to solve Check Engine Light problems.

Q. Do I need anything other than Larry's Guide to troubleshoot my car?

Yes, you need a scan tool that can read trouble codes and display PID data. ANY scan tool will do, so the brand does not matter.
You may also need a good DVOM multimeter to check for wiring faults, and to measure sensor resistance and ground connections.
Depending on the nature of your problem, you may also need other diagnostic tools such as a vacuum gauge, fuel pressure gauge, etc.
Remember, this is an ebook, NOT computer software so Larry's Guide does not interact with your scan tool or vehicle in any way.
It is just a reference guide to help you diagnose and fix your car.

Q. Does Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics include test specifications, component locations and step-by-step repair procedures for my specific vehicle?

No. It only covers the most common GENERIC OBD2 codes and general diagnostic procedures that can be applied to ANY vehicle.

If you need vehicle specific service information, I would recommend Mitchell or Alldata online factory service information.

Q. Can I print out a paper copy of Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics?

Yes. If your computer can connect to a printer, you can print out the entire PDF file on paper (39 pages).

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