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Last Update: August 2019

Windows 10 Compatibility?

YES, CarleySoftware will run on any desktop or laptop with Windows 10.

Windows 8 Compatibility?

Carleysoftware is compatible with Windows 8 but only on the desktop or laptop version of Windows 8. The tablet version of Windows 8RT is different and is NOT compatible with our current software.

Google Chromebook laptop or Android Device Compatibility?

No, Carleysoftware will NOT run on a Google Chromebook laptop because its Android operating system is different than Windows. The same goes for Android phone and tablets. However, if you download and install a Windows Emulator app that allows you to run Windows software on your device, then yes our software should work (maybe!).

Apple/MAC Compatibility?

Sorry, my software won't work on an Apple or MAC computer, laptop or tablet because their operating system is different than Windows.

Have a Problem Opening a Downloaded Zip File?

If you have purchased a download version of one of our automotive programs, but can't open the zip file after you have downloaded it to your computer, your antivirus program is probably blocking it. Many antivirus programs will NOT allow downloaded zip files to be opened to protect your computer against files that might contain a virus, spyware or other malware. This does NOT mean the file has been scanned and found to be suspicious. It only means the antivirus is set to block ALL zip files regardless of what they contain (which is rather dumb, if you ask me!).

On some antivirus programs there may be a menu option that allows you to approve a downloaded zip file so that it can be opened. If this option is not offered on your antivirus software, the only way to get around the problem is to (1) temporarily disable or turn off your antivirus program, then (2) restart your computer (ignore all any warnings that may pop up when the computer restarts). Once the antivirus program has been disabled, you should have no problem opening the downloaded zip file. Just click on the zip file and Windows Windows should open it. You can turn your antivirus software back on after this has been done.


Q. I get the following error message when I try to install your CD on my Win7 or Win10 Home Premium 64-bit computer. "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows that you are running. Check your computer system information to see whether you need x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the programs, and then contact the software publisher." What can I do?

A.If you bought your software from us after January 5, 2011, you should have NO PROBLEMS with Windows 64-bit (see next notice below). However, if you are trying to run an OLDER version of any of our programs on a Windows 64-bit computer, the software WILL NOT RUN. You need to update your CarleySoftware program. Updates are $10 for individual programs, or $15 for the Everything CD/USB.

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