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This is the ULTIMATE compilation of automotive training and how-to diagnostic guides for auto repair. This is a must-have reference for anyone who works on cars, wants to learn how to work on today's cars, or who wants to upgrade their automotive knowledge and skills.

The contents in the EVERYTHING collection are based on years of personal hands-on experience and can be applied to most years, makes and models of vehicles. It covers the kind of information you won't find in a typical service manual, and it will help you better understand how various systems work, and how to troubleshoot and repair common problems.

The EVERYTHING collection is one of the smartest investments you can make in upgrading your auto repair skills!

The EVERYTHING Collection includes:

* ABS Guide -- Covers basics of late model antilock brake systems.

* Alignment Guide -- Basics of wheel alignment, steering & suspension troubleshooting.

* Brake Guide -- Everything you need to know about basic brake service.

* Carley's Car Care Guide -- Basic car care & repair for the do-it-yourselfer.

* Carley's English/Metric Conversion Guide -- Change units of measurement easily (torque, pressure, speed, distance, etc.).

* Diagnostic Trouble Code Help Reference Guide. -- Generic Fault Code Definitions (both pre-OBD and OBD II)

* Emission Guide -- Everything you need to know about emission controls & emissions testing.

* FWD Guide -- Front-wheel drive service & repair.

* OBD II Guide -- Basics of OnBoard Diagnostics II.

* R134a A/C Retrofit Guide -- How to convert older R12 systems to R134a refrigerant.

* Scan Tool Companion -- How to use your scan tool to diagnose engine/emission faults by code, system or sympton.

* Sensor Guide -- A complete guide to sensors & computer engine controls.

* Turbo Guide -- Basic turbocharger operation, diagnosis, repair & tuning.

* PLUS -- AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICAL ARTICLES Direct links to over 400 automotive technical articles on the website, covering every aspect of auto diagnosis and repair. A great reference resource (requires internet connection).

* PLUS -- AUTOMOTIVE RESOURCE LINKS for your web browser. Quick links to automotive topics and websites for training and technical information, tools, parts and accessories (requires internet connection).

* PLUS -- OVER 350 BONUS RESOURCE PDF FILES. Topics cover a wide range of auto repair and diagnosis topics, plus a useful English-Spanish glossary of technical terms, fuel system troubleshooting guides, gasoline direct injection (GDI) diagnosis and much more..., .

System requirements: Any PC running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Win 8 Desktop version, not Win 8 RT tablet), or Windows 10, color monitor, mouse, CD/DVD drive (if ordering Everything Collection on CD) or 2.0 or 3.0 USB port (if ordering Everything Collection on USB flash drive).

NOTE: This software will NOT run on Apple/MAC or Android tablets unless you install a third party "Windows Emulator" utility program. For more information on this subject, Click Here for Installation Help.

All programs in the EVERYTHING Collection run directly from the CD or USB flash drive (no installation necessary). Just pop in the CD into your CD/DVD drive, or plug the USB flash drive and you are ready to go! Or, you use the SETUP program on the CD or USB flash drive to install the programs files to your computer hard drive.

FUTURE UPDATES: New content will be added to the EVERYTHING collection peroidically as needed to cover new technologies and applications. Notices of such updates will be posted here. Anyone who has purchased an Everything CD or USB can update to the latest software for $15 with proof of previous purchase.

NOTE: The Everything Collection comes on a CD or USB Flash drive only. It is currently NOT available as a download (files are too large to send by email).


The Everything Collection is now available on a USB flash drive for newer laptops that lack a CD/DVD drive. Will work with USB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0.

July 21, 2019: Added new content to the Resource Files section, deleted some older files, revised some links to the website.

May 28, 2018: Added the new Turbo Guide program to the Everything collection.

November 24, 2017: Updated OBD2 code lists in Scantool_Companion, OBD2 Guide, Sensor Guide, DTC Code Finder and Emission Guide. Includes over 600 new codes!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS: If you purchased an EVERYTHING CD prior to January 5, 2011, you will have to upgrade your software if you want to run it on a newer desktop or laptop with Windows 7 or 10. Updates are available for $15 with proof of previous purchase.

How To Buy the EVERYTHING Software Collection:

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NOTICE to International Customers: Sorry, but sales of the Everything CD/USB outside the U.S. have been discontinued at this time.
You can still order the individual programs and have them sent to you as an email download.

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