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ABS Guide software main menu screen
This is a screen capture of the ABS Reference Guide Program Main Menu

A Diagnostic & Training Guide to Antilock Brakes

ABS GUIDE is a quick reference guide to today's antilock brake systems. Each type of ABS system has a section that describes how that particular system functions, what the major system components are, the basic diagnostic procedures for that system, and lists fault codes for diagnostics. OBD-II ABS code list updated Aug 8, 2016. Basic bleeding procedures are also covered for most systems.

ABS systems covered include:
* Bendix Jeep
* Bendix 6
* Bendix 9
* Bendix 10
* Bosch 2
* Bosch 3
* Bosch 5 & 5.3
* Bosch ABS/ASR (Corvette)
* Delco 3 Powermaster
* Delco ABS VI
* Delphi DBC-7 -- (used on some 1999 & up GM cars)
* Kelsey-Hayes RWAL
* Kelsey-Hayes 4WAL
* Kelsey-Hayes EBC systems
* Teves Mark 2
* Teves Mark 4
* Teves Mark 20
* Sumitomo
* Toyota Rear Wheel ABS
* A handy reference list of ABS systems by vehicle application

NOTE: ABS goes does NOT interface with the vehicle nor does it make your PC function as a scan tool.

ALSO NOTE: On most 1996 and newer OBD II vehicles with ABS, a scan tool with ABS compliant software is required to access onboard diagnostics and to read ABS fault codes.
Most basic code readers and scan tools that are designed for do-it-yourselfers do NOT have this capability. It takes a professional grade scan tool or a special ABS scan tool to access ABS codes and system information. On some vehicles, ABS diagnostics is available via the driver information center using climate control push buttons to enter the ABS diagnostic mode.

ABS GUIDE also does NOT contain vehicle specific wiring diagrams. If you need detailed vehicle specific service information, you will have to get a shop manual, or subscribe to an online service information service such as AlldataDIY.

The purpose of this program is to educate you about how ABS systems work so you can use the appropriate tools to diagnose and repair ABS problems.

Because there are so many different makes and models of vehicles, the approach we've taken with ABS GUIDE is to cover ABS applications by type of system rather than year, make and model. This approach allows much of the information to be condensed because many different vehicles use the same basic ABS system with only minor differences.

Sample Screens from the program (showing popup images over system description & diagnostic text windows):

diagnostic tips screen . wheel speed sensor screen . Bosch 2 screen
Toyota screen . 4WAL screen . Teves Mark 20 screen

System Requirements:

Program requires desktop PC or laptop with Windows 10, Windows 7, or XP.

Please Note: This software will NOT run on an Apple/MAC computer, laptop or smart phone, or an Android phone or tablet..

How To Order ABS Guide:

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