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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Training Resources Available Now

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If you want to learn to diagnose and repair the latest generation of electric and hybrid vehicles, here is a list of training resources (both online and handson) that can teach you the basics.

As EV and hybrid vehicles grow in number, more and more car dealerships, repair shops, auto parts stores, body shops and fleets are seeking people who can service and repair EVs and hybrids. These are high demand jobs that offer good pay and benefits. But these jobs also require special training, skills and equipment. So check out these resources if you are ready to take your auto repair skills to the next level:

KIA EV6 electric powertrain
Electric vehicle powertrains are much different than their internal combustion counterparts.

EV & Hybrid Training Resources:

AC DC Training

Allegany Tech Electric Vehicle Technician Program

Certified Electric Vehicle Training (CEVT) Program

Electron John EV Training

EV Technician Training

Fast Lane Automotive Training Electric Vehicle Courses

George Brown College online EV Tech Training

Heartland College Electric Vehicle program

I-CAR Electric Vehicle Course

NAPA High Voltage EV Training (Canada)

SNAPON Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Training (UK)

Tennessee College Electric Vehicle Courses

Tesla Electric Vehicle Technician Training

Weber State University Electric Vehicle Courses

West Virginia University Electric Vehicle Courses

ASE Announces New EV Safety Standards and Certifications for Technicians

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has announced the creation of Electric Vehicle Technician/Shop Personnel Electrical Safety Standards. The purpose of the standards is to provide guidance on how to work on electric and hybrid vehicles safely. The high voltage batteries and powertrain electrical systems can pose a serious shock hazard to technicians and first responders, so it is important to follow special safety precautions and procedures when working on EVs and hybrid vehicles.

The new ASE EV safety standards were developed in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket personnel and other electric industry experts. You can download a copy of these standards here: ASE Safety Standards for Working on Electric & Hybrid Vehicles (June 2023).

New ASE Certification Tests for Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technicians & Shop Personnel

In addition to the EV Safety Standards, ASE has developed a new testing and certification program for all electric vehicles including passenger car, light-duty and medium/heavy-duty trucks. The new program provides two options to certify shop owners and/or their employees.

The two tests are:
xEV Electrical Safety Awareness Certification (Level One)
This certification is designed for anyone who may encounter an EV in the workplace. This includes identifying individuals who perform tasks in the proximity of electric-powered vehicles in sales, service, repair and/or related environments. Level One individuals require high-voltage electrical safety awareness to identify the hazards and reduce the associated risks when working on or near electric vehicles (xEVs) and/or near high-voltage components of electric-powered vehicles.

Skills performed by Level One individuals may include operating (driving) an electric-powered vehicle; performing maintenance and repairs not related to high-voltage systems or their components; handling non-high-voltage components of electric-powered vehicles; and encountering electric-powered vehicles and/or high-voltage components of electric powered vehicles while performing job-related tasks. 

xEV Technician Electrical Safety Certification (Level Two)
This certification is for service professionals, technicians or specialists who have received high-voltage electrical training; have demonstrated skills and knowledge related to the construction, operation and repair of electrically powered high-voltage vehicles; maintain an electrically safe working area and use required personal protective equipment (PPE). They have also received safety training to identify the hazards and reduce the associated risk.

Skills performed by Level Two repair professionals may include: evaluating and classifying the condition of the high-voltage battery and high-voltage electrical system; isolating the voltage from the high-voltage systems and checking the isolation from the supply; securing the high-voltage system against being activated; re-starting the high voltage system; performing general work on de-energized high-voltage systems and components; and assessing the risk of high-voltage vehicles that were involved in an accident.

To learn more about the new ASE light-duty hybrid/electric certification program, visit ASE.com/ev.

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