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Sensor & Computerized Engine Control System Diagnosis & Repair Articles:

Making Sense of Engine Sensors
Air Temperature Sensors
Coolant Sensors
Crankshaft Position CKP Sensors
Understanding Oxygen (O2) Sensors
Oxygen Sensor Locations
Wide Ratio Air Fuel (WRAF) Sensors
Sensing Emission Problems (O2 Sensors)
MAP sensors
Mass Airflow MAF Sensors
Vane Airflow VAF Sensors
Throttle Position Sensors
Understanding Engine Management Systems
Toyota Recalls 2005 to 2008 Corolla & Matrix for Defective Engine Computer
Powertrain control modules (PCMs)
Flash Reprogramming PCMs
All About Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD II)
OBD II Diagnostic Tips
OBD Monitor Not Ready
Zeroing in on OBD II Diagnostics
TROUBLE CODES (Look up OBD II Generic Codes)
Most Common Trouble Codes (and what causes them)
Diagnosic Tips for Trouble Codes
Advanced Diagnostics: Mode 06
Controller Area Network (CAN) Diagnostics
CAN communication problem (what to do when the CAN system won't talk to your scan tool)
Choosing a Scan Tool

To Sensor Guide
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Ignition-related articles:

Distributorless Ignition Systems
Coil-Over-Plug Ignition Systems
Driveability Diagnosis: Misfires
Diagnosing Dead On Arrival Vehicles

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