Engine Diagnosis and Repair Information for common engine problems
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Engine Diagnosis & Repair Information

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Engine Diagnosis & Repair:

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Engine Frequently Asked Questions

Dash Warning Lights: What You Should and Should Not Do

Engine Repair Options

Engine Replacement Tips

Engine Components Self-Test Quiz (Download or Print PDF file)

Tracking Down Causes of Engine Failure

Diagnosing An Engine that Won't Crank or Start

Engine Start Button Diagnosis

Troubleshooting Intermittent Engine Problems

Troubleshooting Engine Problems with Temperature

Diagnosing Engine Noise

Engine Noise in Dodge Caravan & Chrysler Minivans

Troubleshooting Low Oil Pressure

Oil Pump Diagnosis

Oil Pumps: The Heart of the Engine

Do You Really Need a High Volume Oil Pump?

Causes of High Oil Consumption

Engine Oil Leaks

Valve Failures

Diagnose Weak Valve Springs

Compression Ratio

Engine Compression Testing

Engine Leakdown Testing

Measuring Blowby

Engine Exhaust Smoke (various causes of)

Finding & Fixing Engine Vacuum Leaks

Engine Overheating: Causes & Cures

Why Head Gaskets Fail

Head Gasket Failure: Common Causes

Preventing Repeat Head Gasket Failures

How to Fix a Leaky Head Gasket

Motor Mounts

Saturn Vibration Caused by Bad Engine Mount

Engine Technology

Rotary Valves for ICE Engines?

Electric Motors Versus ICE Engines: What's the Difference?

Light-Duty Diesel Engine Diagnosis & Repair

Light-Duty Diesel Diagnosis

Diesel Piston Damage Diagnosis

GM Duramax Diesel Warranty Issues

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Engine Repair and Service:

Buick 3800 Engine Issues

Chrysler 3.5L V6 Engine Service

Chrysler 3.5L V6 Misfire Diagnosis

Chrysler/Mitsubishi 3.0L V6

Chrysler 2.0L Neon Engine Service

Cadillac Northstar V8 Engine Service

Engine Timing Belt Repair:

Variable Valve Timing

Ford Variable Cam Timing Codes

Timing Belts: Is Your Engine and Interference Engine?

Update On Timing Chains & Belts

Timing Chain Replacement (Mazda & Ford 3.0L DOHC V6)

Aftermarket Timing Belt Warranty Warning

GM Timing Belt Service

Chevy Aveo 1.6L Timing Belt Replacement

Ford Timing Belts & Chains

Toyota & Honda Timing Belts

Engine Repair (Cylinder Heads)

OHC Cylinder Head Components

OHC Cylinder Head Repairs

How to Weld Aluminum

Cylinder Head Bolts

Head Bolts (Torque-to-yield TTY head bolt installation & removal tips)

Torque Wrench (how to use)

Cylinder Head Resurfacing

New Sealing & Resurfacing Requirements for Today's Engines

Preventing Repeat Head Gasket Failures

Cast Iron Crack Repairs

Valve Guide Repairs

Valve Seat Repairs

Engine Repair (Cylinder Block, Pistons & Crankshaft):

Engine Rebuilding Tips

How to Rebuild Engine (Replacing Internal Engine Parts)

Update On Cylinder Bore Honing Techniques

Cylinder Bore Surface Finishes By The Numbers

Plateau Cylinder Bore Finishes

Evolution of Piston Design

Rings of Steel: Update On Piston Ring Technology

Piston Rings: Stock & Performance

Piston Ring End Gap Recommendations

What You Should Know About Engine Bearings

Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics
(PDF ebook)

Mitchell 1 DIY eautorepair manuals

Mitchell Repair Information for the Do-it-Yourselfer

High Performance Engine Modifications & Parts:

Turbo Guide software
TURBO GUIDE - Covers Turbo Operation, Diagnosis, Repair & Tuning

Choosing a Camshaft

ZDDP - What is it & Why do you need it?

Performance Valvetrains

High Flow Racing Oil Pumps

Engine Displacement

Engine Balancing

Horsepower & Torque

Basics of Supercharging

Supercharging Import Engines

Turbocharger Diagnosis & Repair

Piston Rings: Stock & Performance

Tuner High Performance Scan Tools

Cold Air Intake Systems

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