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Check Engine Light On?

The following articles can help you figure out why your Check Engine Light is on:

typical check engine lights

Check Engine Light, Diagnostic Trouble Code & Scan Tool Articles:

Check Engine Light OnBoard Diagnostics
Trouble Code Diagnostic Help for Types of Codes
More on Check Engine Lights & Fault Code Diagnostics
Ford P0171 & P0174 Lean Codes
Other Warning Lights (TEMP, OIL, ALT/GEN, BRAKES, ABS, AIR BAGS, etc.)
Scan Tool Diagnostics
Scan Tool Help
Scan Tool Companion software (available as a download or on a CD)
Decoding Onboard Diagnostics
Understanding OBD II Driveability & Emissions Problems
Zeroing in on OBD II Diagnostics
Controller Area Network (CAN) Diagnostics
Troubleshooting Intermittent Engine Problems
Troubleshooting Engine Problems wtih Temperature
More On Investigating Intermittent Engine Stalling Problems
OBD II Diagnostic Tips
Mode 06 Onboard Diagnostics
Help with DTC P0300 Random Misfire Codes
Troubleshooting a P0420 Catalyst Fault Code

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Diagnostic Help Software:

scan tool companion information

Scan Tool Companion diagnostic software Scan Tool Companion

Sensor Guide diagnostic training software Sensor Guide software

OBD II Guide diagnostic training software Onboard Diagnostics (OBD2)Guide software

Emission Guide training software Emission Guide software

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