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R134a A/C Refrigerant Retrofit Guide

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A Guide to Converting Older R12 A/C Systems to R134a Refrigerant.

If you are repairing an older vehicle that has an R12 air conditioning system, and you can't get R12 refrigerant to recharge it, this guide will tell you how to convert the A/C system to R134a.

R134a RETROFIT GUIDE covers both generic retrofit procedures and the OEM retrofit recommendations for most domestic & import vehicles (includes OEM technical service bulletin references, too).

R134a Retrofit Guide includes information on all of the following topics:
* R134a performance characteristics
* History of R134a
* R134a system requirements
* Compressor lubricants
* O-rings & seals for R134a
* Hoses for R134a
* R134a service fittings
* Refrigerant Recovery procedures (required if the system contains any residual refrigerant)
* R134a retrofit procedures (what you do and do not have to change)
* Troubleshooting A/C cooling problems
* Service tips for R134a A/C systems
* Basic refrigeration theory (helpful for troubleshooting cooling problems)
* Alternative Refrigerants approved by the EPA

Sample Screens from the program:

OEM retrofit procedures screen . refrigeration system screen . cooling diagnostic tips screen
PAG oil screen . service fittings screen . leak detection screen

Use R134a RETROFIT GUIDE as a resource to prepare for the ASE Heating & Air Conditioning Test

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