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Updated ABS GUIDE with new ABS Code Lists - August 30, 2016

Added a new page to the program that lists Generic ABS codes (C-codes) for all makes/models, plus OBD-II (1996 & newer) Vehicle manufacturer ABS codes.

Updated Everything CD - January 12, 2016

Added 122 new training and diagnosis articles to the Resource Files folder on the CD. That brings the total number of resource files to 380!!!

Some of the new topics added include idle stop start systems, self-driving cars, CAN network diagnosis, cruise control diagnosis, diesel diagnostics, direct fuel injection, electronic braking, electronic instrument panel troubleshooting, OBD emissions testing, what to do when OBD monitors are not ready, engine failure diagnosis, troubleshooting an engine no-start, electrical troubleshooting, fuel trim and fuel economy diagnostics, hybrid safety hazards, idle surge diagnostics, troubleshooting engine hesitation and stalling, charging system diagnostics, troubleshooting oil pressure problems, electronic throttle control, and many additional subjects. A LOT of useful diagnostic information on one CD!

Also tested CD on latest Windows 10 systems. Works fine, runs the same as under Windows 7 and 8.

Updated Everything CD July 18, 2015

Updated links in Alignment Guide, Emission Guide and Scantool Companion. Also added 40 new articles and links to the Technical Library.

Microsoft Windows 8 - Will it Cause Compatibility Issues?

October 26th, 2012: Microsoft launched their latest rendition of Windows called Windows 8 for desktops and laptop PCs, and Windows RT for Tablets. The two new operating systems appear similar but have some differences internally as to how they work with other programs.

CarleySoftware programs WILL work with Windows 8 laptops and desktop PCs, but NOT Windows 8 RT tablets. Microsoft may make updates to their Windows 8 tablet operating system at some point in the future that will allow older Windows applications to work on the new tablets.

If you have purchased a CarleySoftware product dated January 2011 or newer, it is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit and will work on Windows 8 if you buy a new laptop or PC. But if you buy a windows 8 tablet, CarleySoftware will NOT work on the tablet until Microsoft makes an update that allows it. No word yet on when this might happen.

Windows 7 64-bit Software Compatibility Updates January 5, 2011:

All CarleySoftware programs (with the following exceptions) have been updated to run on ANY version of Windows through Win 7 64-bit.

Exceptions: The following programs have NOT been updated for Windows 7, but will run on any version of Windows (Windows 98, XP and Vista) up to Windows 7 32-bit:
CarCare Guide
FWD Guide

Currently, there are no plans to update either of these two programs.

carleysoftware logo Now Windows 7 64-bit Compatible!

Scantool Companion Software Updated December 10, 2011

Major updates include more diagnostic information, updated fault code definitions, new links, updates on OBD II.

Scan Tool Companion diagnostic software Scan Tool Companion

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