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[__] ABS GUIDE - Illustrated guide to antilock brakes.$14.95
[__] ALIGNMENT GUIDE - Basics of wheel alignment. $14.95
[__] BRAKE GUIDE - Basic brake service, hydraulics, & diagnosis. $14.95
[__] EMISSION GUIDE- Basic emission systems & diagnosis. $14.95
[__] FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE GUIDE- Basics of FWD, CV joint repair & diagnosis. $9.95
[__] OBD II GUIDE - Basics of OnBoard Diagnostic II Systems. $19.95
[__] R134a RETROFIT GUIDE - Conversion procedures for R12-R134a. $14.95
[__] SCAN TOOL COMPANION - Diagnostic guidance for scan tool users $39.95
[__] SENSOR GUIDE - Engine sensors & computer controls. $19.95

[__] EVERYTHING CD FOR INDIVIDUALS & SHOPS - $99.95 Includes all programs & tech library.
Same as Everything CD for schools except for individual or shop use only.

[__] EVERYTHING CD FOR SCHOOLS! - $179.95 Includes all of the above plus a multi-user school site license for students.

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