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Auto Repair

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Auto Repair

Auto Repair is something no motorist can avoid, unless you are trading cars every couple of years for brand new ones. Even then, you might get a lemon. The more you drive your car and the more miles you put on your engine, brakes, transmission and other systems, the more likely your vehicle is to need auto repair at some point. The question is when? This article on What Goes Wrong with Cars and When can give you some insight into what type of auto repairs may be looming in your future.

Auto Repair Topics

If your car or truck is having a problem and you need auto repair advice such as how to diagnose your car problem or even how to fix it yourself, see the articles in this list of COMMON CAR PROBLEMS (by symptom).

For a more complete listing of car repair topics on the website, see our Alphabetical Index of Car Repair Articles

If you are searching for a local auto repair shop or other repair facility, see: Car Repair Shops

Another auto repair issue is that of avoiding Auto Repair Fraud & Ripoffs. Nobody wants to be overcharged or sold parts or services they don't really need by an unscrupulous mechanic. So take a look at this article on Auto Repair Guidelines.

Reducing the need for auto repair requires regular Car Maintenance such as oil changes, filter changes, checking vital fluid levels and making sure your vehicle is in good operating condition and is safe to drive. If your Check Engine Light is on, your vehicle has an emissions problem. Diagnosis with a scan tool will be required to determine why the light is on and what fault codes are present.

Auto repairs can be expensive. If you need some insights into what it might cost to fix your car, see this article on Auto Repair Costs.

If you want to fix your car yourself, here are some tips on which Auto Parts are replaced most often, and also where to buy Auto Parts.

If you are the do-it-yourself type and are not afraid to attempt some of your own car repair work, be warned that many car repair jobs today require special tools and know-how, things like an up-to-date scan tool that can access and read diagnostic trouble codes, sensor information and other operating data. In addition, you may need additional diagnostic information such as test specifications, wiring diagrams, parts locations and replacement procedures to fix your car. Auto Repair Manuals are available from various sources, and factory service information can be purchased online directly from the car makers. You can also get the same factory service information from automotive aftermarket suppliers such as

If You Need Factory Service & Repair Information for Your Car or Truck, Click this Banner:

ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research

A subscription to AllData gives you access to all of the factory service information for your year, make and model
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This includes access to all of the same information new cars dealers have including diagnostic charts,
repair procedures, service specifications, maintenance recommendations, parts locations, part numbers,
wiring diagrams, labor times, technical service bulletins and recalls.

Got an Auto Repair Problem or Question? Need Help Now? Click the Banner Below to Ask an Expert:
Ask a Mechanic JustAnswer

When you click on the banner above to Ask an Expert, your automotive problem or question will be
answered by a knowledgeable and experienced technician who has expertise working
on your make of vehicle. There is no charge if the technician cannot answer your question
or you are not 100 percent satisfied with their effort to assist you.

You will be asked to provide a detailed description of your problem or question, including the year, make,
model of your vehicle, engine size, and any information you have about recent repairs (or attempted repairs)
that have been made to your vehicle.

The technician will likely ask you followup questions to help you solve your problem.

The answer that is provided may include detailed OEM diagnosis or repair procedures, a recommendation
about what part(s) to replace, and possibly illustrations or even a wiring diagram.

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